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Add Team Members

How to add team members to a project using the Tator web interface.

AI-assisted annotation

Learn to register annotation assistance algorithms in Tator with an object detection example using Nvidia Triton Inference Server.

Archive uploads

How to upload media and annotations with either a zip or tar archive using tator-py.


How to create, use, and manage bookmarks.

Canvas Applets

Seamlessly integrate custom annotation experiences with canvas applets.


This document outlines the software component dependencies for a basic Tator installation.

Entities and attributes

This tutorial will show you how to run a tator-py example called ``. This script creates a demonstration project that contains one of each entity type and one of each attribute type for each entity type.

Export data

How to use the Export Data dashboard to download media information and annotations from Tator.


This tutorial will show you how to draw localizations in Tator.

Job clusters

How to configure an algorithm processing cluster.

Local transcodes

How to use local hardware resources to transcode video for Tator.

Localization analytics

How to use Tator's localization analytics view to filter and retrieve localizations, visualize them, and edit their attributes.

Migrate data

Easily transfer data between Tator projects and deployments using tator-py utilities.

Pan and zoom

How to use pan/zoom to adjust or create annotations in Tator.

Using the Swagger UI

How to access the REST interface, browse its documentation, and execute queries.


How to create and use annotation versions.

Video playback

The basics of video playback in Tator using a single stream video with default playback configuration.