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Install Tator

This tutorial will walk through installation of Tator using make commands. To begin, GNU Make and Docker Compose need to be installed.

Hardware requirements

For a single user, Tator can run on a node with 4 vcpus and 16GB of memory. For a small team, we recommend 8 vcpus and 32GB of memory. Our development team has had good results running Tator locally on Intel NUCs and in the cloud (for development) on AWS Lightsail.

Install Tator

Installing on a single node is simple. Open up a terminal and type:

git clone --recurse-submodules -b stable
cd tator
cp example-env .env
make tator

This will initiate a series of docker compose up commands that will initialize data and services in the proper order. Once complete, you can create a superuser account with:

make superuser

Enter your desired credentials into the prompts, then navigate to http://localhost:8080. This will take you to the login page:

Enter your superuser credentials and you are ready to use Tator!

Next steps

You are now ready to create a project, upload media, and start annotating. If this is a deployment that will be shared with other users, we recommend installing a domain and certificate.