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Filter displayed annotations with search

Tator provides a search interface for annotations in the annotation view. This facilitates use cases such as analyzing algorithm performance or filtering down to a particular class of interest. It uses Lucene query syntax, which is the string query syntax used by Elasticsearch. This tutorial will show you how to use it to filter annotations in the annotation view.

Filter on string attributes

Our example project contains object detections that have two attributes: Label, a string attribute corresponding to the name of the highest scoring class, and Confidence a float attribute corresponding to the object detection scorefor the highest scoring class. On the entity browser, click the Entities button corresponding to the object detections.

The boxes will be grouped by the Label attribute.

In the search bar, enter Label:car and press Enter. The results will be filtered to show only the car class.

Filter on numerical attributes

Clear the search bar and enter Confidence:>0.6. Now only boxes with high confidence will be displayed.

Combine search terms

Clear the search bar and enter Label:car AND Confidence:>0.6. This will show only cars with high confidence.