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Create localizations without geometry

In some workflows, a localization must be created before its geometry is known. For example, annotations may be imported from another data source (e.g., spreadsheet, audio transcription) that indicates the presence of an object but does not include its location within the frame. Tator allows localizations to be created without geometry information provided. Geometry can subsequently be added via the redraw functionality in the annotation view. Localizations without geometry can be created by simply omitting geometry data from a normal localization creation request. In tator-py, this would look like the following:

import tator
api = tator.get_api('', TOKEN)
spec = {
'media_id': MEDIA_ID,
'frame': FRAME_NUMBER,
# Add user-defined attributes here
response = api.create_localization_list(PROJECT, localization_spec=[spec])

The result will be localizations that are selectable in the entity browser but that do not have geometry. See the user guide for instructions on how to define geometry.