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Entities and attributes

This tutorial will show you how to run a tator-py example called This script creates a demonstration project that contains one of each entity type and one of each attribute type for each entity type. The script can be modified to create a project that fits your analysis goals. Later tutorials will cover how to create projects that target specific use cases.

Create demo project

First you will need to install tator-py, and also clone the tator-py repository to access the example scripts.

pip3 install tator-py
git clone

Now from the root directory, the script can be executed.

cd tator-py
python3 examples/ \
--host \
--token $MY_TOKEN \
--name "Metadata Demo Project" \
--create-state-latest-type \
--create-state-range-type \

Explore demo project

Now you can try opening the project in the web interface. Upload some media, then inspect the media metadata in the annotation view.