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Search media and save searches

Search media

Tator has a rich search interface for media that allows you to search media by built-in and custom media attributes. You can access the search interface by first clicking the Filter button:

Then click the Add condition button:

Select the field you would like to filter. Built-in attributes include media filename, section, ID, creation date, and modified date:

In this example, we select the filename attribute and leave the Modifier field as includes. Set the Value to the media file substring you wish to search on:

Now click the Search button. The displayed media will be updated to include only those files that match the given condition.

The filter interface displays the condition being applied, which can be clicked to remove the condition. You can add as many conditions as you want. Modifiers for numerical attributes include less than, greater than, and other operators. You can search for exact matches with ==.

Save searches

Once you have constructed a search, you can save it for later use. In the sidebar, a button + Add current search will be enabled next to the Saved Searches heading when a search has been applied. Click this button with a search applied.

A dialog will appear asking for the name of the saved search:

Enter a name, and click Save.

The saved search will now be displayed under the Saved Searches header in the sidebar. You can click on it whenever you want to apply the same filters as before. You can also apply additional filters on the saved search with the saved search selected.