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Favorites provide a way to quickly load metadata when creating annotations. This is useful when many annotations contain common metadata, such as the same class label.

This tutorial will cover how to use favorites, including how to create, rename, organize, and delete them. To begin, you must have installed Tator, created a project with a localization type, and uploaded a video.

Below is a video showing the steps outlined in this tutorial.

Create a favorite

Open a video to the annotation view and draw a localization. Type metadata into the save dialog, but before clicking Save click the + button next to the heading titled "Favorites".

A button will appear with a name selected based on the given metadata. Now draw another localization of the same type, but this type click the button corresponding to the favorite just created.

The metadata will be populated into the save dialog without needing to type it in.

Use pages

On the save dialog, use the page selection buttons to create or use a favorite in a different page. This can be used to group related favorites together in the same project.

Rename or delete a favorite

To rename or delete a favorite, right-click on the button associated with the favorite and select the appropriate action from the context menu.