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Organize media with folders

With folders, Tator provides a simple single layer directory structure for organizing media. Like a filesystem, a single media can only be contained by one folder, however a single media may not be contained by any folder. This tutorial will walk you through how to create folders, how to upload to folders, how to delete a folder without deleting the media it contains, and how to delete a folder as well as the media it contains.

View media without folders

By default when you open a project, the All Media section is selected. This displays every media object in the project, regardless if it is in a folder. You can always get back to this view by clicking the All Media button:

Create a folder

You can create a folder by clicking on the + Add folder button.

This will bring up a modal dialog prompting you to enter the name of the folder. Enter the name of the folder and click Save.

Upload media to a folder

Now the new folder will be displayed under All Media. Click on the new folder to select it.

The folder will contain no media at first. To upload media to the folder, click the upload button with the folder selected and select the videos or images you want to upload. In the example below videos from the YouTube Video Text project are uploaded. View the tutorial for details on uploading using the web interface.

Delete a folder

A folder can be deleted without deleting the media it contains by clicking the Delete section button. Any media in the folder will still be accessible in the All Media section when a folder is deleted with this method.

Delete a folder and media it contains

To delete the media in a folder as well as the media it contains, use the Delete media button. Upon confirmation all media in the folder will be deleted from the project along with the folder.