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Upgrading to Argo 3

· One min read
Jonathan Takahashi

Our next release of Tator, version 0.2.14, will include support for Argo 3. This means that new installations using will install Argo 3, both the client and server. In addition, the install script will configure archived workflow logs by default. If you have an existing deployment of Tator, Argo will not be automatically updated nor will archived workflow logs be configured through the normal upgrade process. To update to Argo 3 and enable archived workflow logs on an existing deployment created by, follow the steps below after updating your source tree to 0.2.14 or later, or the latest on master:


You may need/want to modify argo/workflow-controller-configmap.yaml to use a different artifact repository.

make cluster-upgrade
kubectl apply -f -n argo
kubectl apply -f argo/workflow-controller-configmap.yaml -n argo
kubectl apply -f argo/argo-server.yaml -n argo
curl -sLO \
&& gunzip argo-linux-amd64.gz \
&& chmod +x argo-linux-amd64 \
&& sudo mv ./argo-linux-amd64 /usr/local/bin/argo \
&& argo version