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Updating Default Bucket Configurations for Tator 1.0.0

· One min read
Hugh Enxing

What changed

In the 0.2.22 release of Tator, support for OCI Object Storage as a bucket was added. This required a refactor of how bucket configurations are stored by Tator, which is not backwards compatible. The 0.2.22 release deprecates the existing method of creating and updating buckets, but still allows for buckets created this way to function. Release 1.0.0 will deprecate the functionality of buckets created this way, but there is a utility that will assist your migration from the old configuration to the new one.

How to update existing project-specific buckets

There is a utility that, when run by a Tator deployment administrator, will convert all bucket definitions from the old configuration to the new one, called convert_old_buckets. A target that calls this function has been added to the Makefile for your convenience:

~$ cd path/to/tator
tator$ make convert-old-buckets