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· 2 min read
Brian Tate

As a video data analyst, it doesn't matter whether you're looking at coral reef or discarded haddock, every pixel counts. In upcoming versions of Tator higher video quality of 4k and 8k are unleashed for analysis. While maintaining frame accurate playback, between multiple sources, video sources can now scale up to 8k resolution.

Figure 1: Comparison of common video resolutions

· 5 min read
Hugh Enxing

This blog post will go over the procedure for upgrading a Tator deployment to the latest release, 0.2.19. This release updates the versions of some dependencies, which require more user actions than the standard upgrade process. It assumes that the tator deployment was set up using the install script and is running on microk8s.

· 3 min read
Jonathan Takahashi

In this blog post, we will cover how to install Tator on a GCP VM. The main trick is updating the domain to the virtual machine's public IP address after running the install script. This is necessary because by default the install script will discover the internal IP address only, and use that IP address for the load balancer, Kubernetes API server, and domain name. For the most part we simply need to run the install script and make one change to the Helm config file, but we will also cover VM setup in the GCP console.