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Each project in Tator has unique analytics goals. To provide the flexibility in data aggregation and visualization needed to meet these goals, Tator allows for registration of custom dashboards.

What are dashboards

Dashboards consist of simple HTML files which become accessible through the web interface through an iframe element. This provides a great deal of flexibility in what the dashboards may do or display, including import from external data sources and use of advanced plotting libraries such as D3. Users interested in learning more about using dashboards visit our users guide Using Dashboards.

How to create dashboards

To facilitate dashboard development, developers can use the tator and tator-ui javascript packages available on NPM. One provides an intuitive JS client for the Tator REST API, the other provides access to all the same UI elements used in the core Tator user interface, including the video player. Dashboards are an extension of our backend concept of Applets. We currently have two types of applets in use in Tator.

Developers interested in learning more about creating dashboard visit our Dashboards in our Developer's Guide to learn how to create and register dashboards.